Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Integrity Software Insurer aligned and approved?
Yes, we have brokers that operate with binders, outsource and other agreements with multiple different insurers.
2How does Integrity Software handle data integrations and data compliance?
We are fully integrated with our data warehousing provider. We also have several direct data integrations with various insurers and work to ensure that we are up to date and compliant.
3Do we integrate directly with Insurers to enable quote and bind facilities being at the brokers fingertips?
Yes, we have Rating (BlackBox) capacity with various insurers who have opened this facility to brokers. We are also one of the market leaders with developing new integrations through our Rest API capabilities.
4Can we integrate with other third-party systems?
Yes, with our open architecture and fast & agile development life cycles we have integrations with numerous third parties and adding any new integrations is well within reach.
5How long does it take to migrate systems?
This depends on the approach chosen by the brokerage. We recommend planning 3 months for the bulk of a system migration to occur.
6Can I manage my team via the software?
Absolutely. We have a fully integrated workflow solution that creates tasks and timeframes for your team to work through, allowing you to manage them easily and clearly onsite or remotely.
7How do I keep record of my documents?
Our fully integrated document manager means that compliance and record of advice is easy to track. Emails, SMSes and calls are all stored and managed via the platform, with different items automatically filing into the correct place. This means that everything is easy to find and in one place
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